Whitetail Wonders: The Art and Allure of Handmade Deer Antler Pens

Whitetail Wonders: The Art and Allure of Handmade Deer Antler Pens

Handmade pens made from pieces of real whitetail deer antler are quite unique and sought after. They are often found in office and school supplies shops, with a wide selection available on platforms like Etsy 1. These pens can come in different styles, such as bolt action pens, rifle pens, bullet pens, sportsman pens, and outdoors pens, with prices starting around $56.99 2.

These pens are not just aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomic, offering a great fit in the hand. Some are made out of whitetail sheds from the wild North Dakota region 3. Pens and pencils made from antlers are typically crafted from the antlers shed by male members of the deer family, including native white-tailed deer, mule deer, and elk or exotic species 4.

Antler pen blanks, which are over 3 inches long, are also available for those interested in crafting their own pens. These blanks are easy to drill and are handpicked for quality 5.

In Maine, handcrafted shell pens are made one at a time, making each pen unique 6. There are also professionals with over 40 years of experience who carve antlers, creating one-of-a-kind pieces 7.

For those interested in making their own deer antler pens, there are resources available that provide valuable tips for the process 8.

Overall, these pens are a creative way to utilize shed antlers and make for unique gifts or personal use items.

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