Texas Deer Antler Pen Turning Kit (2-PACK)

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  • EASY TO DRILL - These big blanks are easy to drill and provide plenty of material to practice on before you start shaping your pen.
  • HAND PICKED - We hand pick only the best solid blanks for our kit. No spongy inside that needs lots of filling to look good.
  • 3 INCHES LONG - All blanks are extra long so you can square the ends and have plenty of length.
  • NO SPONGY INSIDE - The big blanks gives you practice turning Deer Antler before you start to shape your pen.
  • ANTLER IS HARDER THAN WOOD - Antler is harder than wood so use SHARP tools and go slow. Sand to 400 grit.
  • MADE FROM TEXAS WHITETAIL OR AXIS DEER - We make deer antler pens ourselves so we know that these blanks are ideal for making pens, letter openers, magnifying glasses, etc.