Deer Valley Antler Tips - 10 Pieces (3-5 inches Long) Polished Points Used for Bracelets, Necklaces and Key Chains (Home Décor and Jewelry Making) (Natural Brown)

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  • Contains: 10 pieces in a variety of sizes cut from wild Texas White-Tail and Axis deer antlers.
  • Multi-Purpose: Self defence. Primitive flint knapping tools. Fork and Knife Handles.
  • Multipurpose Jewelry Making Kit: for Indian necklaces or bracelets. Create a variety of different jewelry-making styles like; ethnic, tribal and Native American designs.
  • TEXAS-MADE: We work locally with Texas ranches to source our wild antlers. All of our shed deer antlers are premium grade #1 or #2. You will never get an old or brittle antler piece from us. Purchase today with confidence!
  • Notice: The antlers used to make the antler points come from nature so the size, shape and color will vary. We handpick all antler pieces and look for good color, texture and nicely shaped points.