Deer Valley Chews Giant Antler for Dogs 8-10 in Long and Thick for 60-120-lb

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  • HUGE CHEWTOY: Our new giant sized antler chew. Each antler is 8-10 inches long and weighs over half a pound! This size is for the biggest dogs and most aggressive chewers. 100% real deer antlers are a healthy and flavorful treat that helps keep your dog busy for hours and hours.
  • DOG TOYS FOR BOREDOM AND STIMULATING: These quality dog bones will hold your dog’s attention for hours! A great rawhide alternative and acts as a dental chew for dogs. They can be useful for long car trips, catching a dog off-leash, or helping a teething puppy.
  • DOG DENTAL CHEW: One large dog bone lasts about a month for an average dog depending on how aggressive of a chewer your dog is. We recommend giving your dog one antler treat at a time to ensure maximum enjoyment. That way your pup will be excited every time they get a fresh puppy treat.
  • SAFE, NATURAL CHEWTOY ALTERNATIVE: Deer Valley dog chews are made from naturally shed antlers that contain the natural smell and taste dogs love. Without the choking risks posed by plastic chew toys. Eliminate man-made chew toys with artificial ingredients. Give your dog a taste of nature with our antler chew sticks.
  • TEXAS-MADE: We work locally with Texas ranches to guarantee a long lasting dog chew that is better than those found in big box stores. All of our shed deer antlers are premium grade #1 or #2. You will never get an old, brittle antler chew from us. Purchase today with confidence.