Deer Valley Dog Chews - Split Elk Antler for Dogs (Single, 6-8 Inches Long)

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A MOUTHWATERING TREAT: Our large size, each antler is 6-7 inches long. 100% real deer antlers are a healthy and flavorful treat that helps keep your dog busy while maintaining oral hygiene and are hand selected and thoroughly checked to ensure they are of the highest quality.

EASY DENTAL HYGIENE: Our antler chews help to control tartar and bad breath by cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums as they chew; Take the antler away if your dog chews too aggressively as it can pose a safety issue.

GOOD FOR YOUR DOG: Your canine will love the soft, nutritious core that is packed with collagen, magnesium, zinc and other good stuff; Take antler away if any splintering occurs.

THE SAFER ANTLER CHEW: We take the extra steps to ensure that our dog chews are the safest on the market. We do this by removing any parts of the antler that are too hard or too sharp to chew on safely. We soften the sharp edges down to make the chews as safe as possible. In this process we expose the marrow inside the antler so your dog can access the most flavorful part. All chews are hand washed and hand checked before shipping. Safer and more flavorful! Dogs love them!

KEEP THEM BUSY: When dogs get bored, they will often get anxious and seek relief by chewing on anything that they come across. Keep your dog’s teeth off of your furniture and shoes by providing hours of physical and mental stimulation with our antler chews.

NATURAL NUTRITION: Our antler dog chews are gluten-free and made from naturally shed, organic antlers harvested in the U.S.A., No deer are harmed in the process; Color and sizes may vary due to the unprocessed nature. Unlike most chew treats found at pet stores, our antlers are always free of chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients. Once the antler has become small enough for your dog to swallow whole, you will need to remove and replace or discard it.

A long-lasting chew for all dogs comes with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, so buy with confidence!